RIP the Roshan Pit tree


my sister has gone to bed and i don’t think she will see this until the morning (if she ever checks her dash this far back) but listening to her hold back her sobs and crying herself to sleep is literally so heartbreaking and i feel like i’m going to cry too because 1) i know what she’s going through and 2) SNSD was her life

like i don’t even feel validated for what i went through when Kris left EXO because EXO was only around for two years, but SNSD was my sister’s entire teenage life. she’s so attached to them and Jessica is her ultimate favorite so when i saw the first news about Jessica leaving the group, I knew my sister would be devastated

and it just makes me feel worse because literally just this morning i’d decided to do a SNSD version of Ahri for a future cosplay and my sister was excitedly showing me all things Girls’ Generation for references and showing me all the Genie pics and I had even said “oh maybe i’ll do jessica!”, and she was even talking about buying a SNSD varsity sweater because it’s starting to get cold and this was only hours before the news was released and it just all feels so wrong. I honestly cannot imagine how she’ll ever be the same, how she’ll ever feel the same way about the thing that has occupied so much of her life.

my sister doesn’t deserve to feel this way and I’m fucking enraged for her. I’ve always known SM was a horrible shitty company when Kris left, but after witnessing what they’ve done to my sister and all SNSD fans, I can safely say that I will stop supporting SM Entertainment.


"dbsk will now promote as 2"

"exo will now promote as 11"

"f(x) will promote as 4"

"snsd will now promote as 8"


You are a sentence
and I am a semicolon
begging you to go on.


andreaphobia commissioned this painting of the battle-style version of arteezy’s treasure of the deep set!

This was so much fun to paint! :D

[HQ] 2NE1 CL for Elle Korea 1462x2000