Anonymous asked:

Just a heads up, putting a dash between words in a tag p much guarantees that it won't show up. So, for example, your cl-roo tag has like nothing in it. Good thing you tag 'em as "my goddess" too.

yeahhhh i found out the hard way a few months ago, but i still tag it as such just out of habit lol thanks for the heads up!

 Fortune favors the brave, dude.


worst pain imaginable

"with all my knowledge and intrusion, i could never entirely predict you. i can feed the caterpillar. i can whisper through the chrysalis. but, what hatches? forms its  o w n   n a t u r e  t h a t   i s   b e y o n d   m e .

"i don’t wanna kill you anymore, dr. lecter.
not now that  i  f i n a l l y  find you  i n t e r e s t i n g.


listen i don’t give a fuck if we’re friends, if we’re playing videogames i will show you no mercy. fuck you. be strong.